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FILMS: 1930 — Mr. and Mrs. Swordplay, Pure Love, Hard Times, Love Is Strength, A Record of Shameless Newlyweds.  1931 — Now Don’t Get Excited, Screams from the Second Floor, Flunky Work Hard!, Fickleness Gets on the Train, The Strength of a Mustache, Under the Neighbors’ Roof.  1932 — Ladies Be Careful of Your Sleeves, Crying to the Blue Sky, Be Great!, Motheaten Spring, Chocolate Girl, Not Blood Relations, The Scenery of Tokyo With Cake.  1933 — Apart From You, Every Night Dreams, A Man with a Married Woman’s Hairdo, Two Eyes, Happy New Year!  1934 — Street Without End.  1935 — Three Sisters With Maiden Hearts, The Actress and the Poet, Wife! Be Like a Rose, Five Men in the Circus, The Girl in the Rumor.  1936 — Tochuken Kumoemon, The Road I Travel With You, Morning’s Tree-Lined Street.  1937 — A Woman’s Sorrows, Avalanche, Learn From Experience Parts I and II.  1938 — Tsuruhachi and Tsurujiro.  1939 — The Whole Family Works, Sincerity.  1940 — Travelling Actors.  1941 — A Fond Face From the Past, Shanghai Moon, Hideko the Bus Conductor.  1942 — A Mother Never Dies. 1943 — A Song by Lantern Light. 1944 — This Happy Life, The Way of Drama. 1945 — Until Victory Day, Tale of the Archery at Sanjusangendo. 1946 — A Descendant of Urashima Taro, Both You and I. 1947 — “Even Parting Is Enjoyable” episode from Four Love Stories, Spring’s Awakening. 1949 — Bad Girl.  1950 — Conduct Report on Professor Ishinaka, The Angry Street, White Beast, The Battle of Roses.  1951 — Ginza Cosmetics, Dancing Girl, Repast.  1952 — Okuni and Gohei, Mother, Lightning.  1953 — Husband and Wife, Wife, Older Brother Younger Sister.  1954 — Sound of the Mountain, Late Chrysanthemums.  1955 — Floating Clouds, “Women’s Ways” episode from The Kiss.  1956 — Sudden Rain, A Wife’s Heart, Flowing.  1957 — Untamed.  1958 — Anzukko, Summer Clouds.  1959 — Whistling in Kotan.  1960— When a Woman Ascends the Stairs, Daughters Wives and a Mother, Evening Stream (co-directed with Yuzo Kawashima), The Approach of Autumn.  1961— As a Wife As a Woman.  1962— A Woman’s Status, A Wanderer’s Notebook.  1963— A Woman’s Story.  1964— Yearning.  1966— The Stranger Within a Woman, Hit and Run.  1967— Scattered Clouds.


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